York Does Vintage!

Last weekend my sister, my boyfriend and I ventured to a vintage fair in York. I’m really falling in love with doing these kinds of things. It’s always a such a nice adventure.

This time we went to the ever-growing ‘York Does Vintage‘ Fair. This small company runs a number of Vintage Fairs across the north of the country, such as Leeds Does Vintage and Newcastle Does Vintage (not sure how far south of the UK they go!). Each time I go they seem to get a better and better turn out. I think running a vintage fair regularly in the same place is a great way to establish yourself and makes you seem much more reliable.

We had a good turn about the place. However as my boyfriend was with me, I didn’t rummage as much as I normally would have. Maybe a good thing, as it probably stopped us spending lots of money! 😀

YDV 1 random 2 random 1

Here are a few of my favourite stalls that I got the details from and of course some photos. You know how I love photos!

Vintage and Rose

We really loved this little stall. It had some great pieces but what really caught our eye was this really beautiful Yellow Teacup Set, which came with four trios AND four additional sandwich plates! We were trying to figure out what they should be called, ‘Quartets?’.

Does anyone know the real name for them?

vintage and rose 1 yellow yellow 2Miss Maude Makes

I absolutely adored Miss Maude Makes! She creates all these vintage inspired dresses and skirts but uses really modern and funky patterns. Something a little different but very traditional. I also think the prices are really affordable, About £28 per dress! Hopefully next time, if I find one I really like I may be able to splurge a little. (Facebook)

mmm 1 mmm 2


This little business makes the cutest jewellery, inspired by doll houses and musical instruments! Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos but here is one to give you an idea.

Please do check them out, especially if you know someone that plays an instrument. They have the cutest instrument necklaces! (Facebook)


Ayesha’s Handmade Crafts

I loved this little stall. It had such a variety of products and similarly seemed to have a good range of prices. I think this is really essential for a stall. If someone can’t afford your big/main product, you need to make available to them something they can afford but that still captures the essence of your business. I spotted two cute little tins and thought they would be perfect for all my hair bobbles. An absolute steal at 50p a tin 😀 Made my day. (Sorry no photo 😦 )


So another successful trip out. Looking forward to their next one in November. Check it out or see if there is one closer to you?

Blog soon. Got so much to show you!

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